Policy #1.19-Advertisement

Advertising Policy-Proposed Amendment                                                 Policy # 1.19


Millis School Committee Policy on Advertising


While the School Committee recognizes that advertising may be another source of revenue for the school district, advertising must be carried out in a responsible manner. School property is neither a public forum nor a vehicle to promote a specific point of view. The intent of advertising is to raise funds for the school system.


The Millis School Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement based upon appropriateness of content, format style and/or any other reason it deems necessary. The School Committee shall be the sole judge of appropriateness and acceptability. The Millis School Committee must approve all advertisements. Advertisement approval does not constitute endorsement of any type by the School Committee or the Millis Public Schools.


The School Committee will allow advertising in school buildings and on school property under the following conditions:


            A. The advertiser arranges a conference with the Superintendent to converse          about advertisement purposes.


            B. The Superintendent approves all advertising content, display and distribution.


            C. The advertiser and advertisements are in compliance with district goals,             mission, policies and non-discrimination practices as well as with state and           federal laws.


            D. Advertisements are restricted to common areas only.


The School Committee will confer with the Superintendent to set advertising rates for the school district and particular common areas. Revenue will be deposited into a separate account and the School Committee in conjunction with recommendation from the Superintendent will designate how the funds will be expended.


First Reading: February 7, 2006

Second Reading: February 28,2006

Approved: February 28,2006


First Reading (Revised Policy): June 7, 2011

Second Reading (Revised Policy): June 21, 2011

Third Reading (Revised Policy): June 21, 2011

Approved: June 21, 2011



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