Policy #3.15-Graduation Speakers

GRADUATION SPEAKERS                                                                        3.15


There will be three graduating student speakers at graduation. The class president will be invited to give the welcoming address. The student with the highest weighted GPA at the end of the third term of senior year will be given the option of speaking at graduation (Valedictorian). The second student will be chosen using the following guidelines:


1. Must be a member of the graduating class

2. Submit by a certain date (to be announced each year) a speech of approximately 3 minutes in length.

3. Present this speech verbally to a panel comprised of:

            3 members of the senior class chosen by lottery

            3 members of the faculty - including the Senior Class English teacher and two         other members of the faculty chosen by the High School principal

            The High School principal

4. The panel will choose the best speech. The panel's decision will be final.


If the student with the highest weighted GPA chooses not to speak at graduation, a replacement speaker will be chosen using the above guidelines.


The School Committee must approve any outside speaker(s) (non-faculty, non-student).


First Reading: October 7, 2008

Second Reading: October 21, 2008

Approved: October 21, 2008





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