Policy #4.13-Investigation of Lost &/or Stolen Equipment

PROCEDURE FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF LOST                           4.13



1.         A person allegedly claiming to have lost or had equipment within his/her    responsibility stolen, must report it to the individual in charge of the particular activity so that this person can conduct a preliminary investigation into the matter.


2.         The extent of the investigation and follow-up may take on varying forms of           procedure depending upon the value of and the circumstances surrounding the      allegedly lost or stolen item.


3.         The person is to be advised by the individual in charge of the particular activity to             report the matter as soon as possible to the Assistant Principal or Principal if no       Assistant Principal is available.


4.         A written report must be completed on a form detailing information for the            identification and description of the article, the time of the noted disappearance,         its estimated value, and any other information which is deemed pertinent.


5.         Copies of the report are then given to the student, the principal, the individual in   charge of the activity and the police if a police investigation is deemed necessary.


6.         The principal, or his/her desginee, will initiate his/her own independent       investigation in tandem with the individual responsible for the area.


7.         If the item is located, a follow-up of the investigation would include returning the item to the rightful owner. If the item were stolen and culpability is found to be            warranted against an individual, disciplinary action is taken either in the form of    restitution or suspension. A parental conference is also arranged.


8.         The above process presupposes that all parties involved are cooperative. If they   are not, and the investigation should prove fruitless, the matter shall then be            referred to the police.












Name of item lost or allegedly stolen (state which):


Description of the item:



Date and time last seen:


Area where item was stored:



Estimated value of the item:


Other pertinent information:







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