Policy #5.10.0-Handbook Approval Policy

Approval of Handbooks and Directives                                                         5.10.0


The law directs that in each school building containing the grades nine to twelve, inclusive, the Principal, in consultation with the school council, shall prepare and distribute to each student a handbook setting forth the rules pertaining to conduct of students. The school council shall review the handbook each spring to consider changes in the disciplinary policy to take effect in September.


It is essential that the contents of all handbooks conform to School Committee policies. It is also important that all handbooks bearing the name of the school system or one of its schools be of a quality that reflects credit on the school department. Therefore, the Committee expects handbooks requiring approval to be approved prior to publication by the Committee and/or the Superintendent.


Committee approval will be necessary for any handbooks that pertain to required standards of conduct for employees or students so that their contents may be accorded the status of Committee-approved policy or regulation. The Superintendent will use his/her judgment as to whether other specific handbooks need appropriate Committee approval; however, all handbooks published will be made available to the Committee for informational purposes.


Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary all student handbooks shall contain the following provisions:


1.         Any student who is found on school premises or at school-sponsored or school-   related events, including athletic games, in possession of a dangerous weapon,           including, but not limited to, a gun or a knife; or a controlled substance as defined          in chapter ninety-four C, including, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, and             heroin, may be subject to expulsion from the school or school district by the          principal.

2.         Any student who assaults a principal, assistant principal, teacher, teacher's aide,   educational staff or non-educational staff on school premises or at school-     sponsored or school-related events, including athletic games, may be subject to        expulsion from the school or school district by the principal.

3.         Any student who is charged with a violation of either paragraph (1) or (2) shall be             notified in writing of an opportunity for a hearing; provided, however, that the            student may have representation, along with the opportunity to present evidence        and witnesses at said hearing before the principal.

4.         After said hearing, a principal may, in his/her discretion, decide to suspend rather than expel a student who has been determined by the principal to have violated           either paragraph (1) or (2).

5.         Any student who has been expelled from a school district pursuant to these           provisions shall have the right to appeal to the superintendent. The expelled   student shall have ten days from the date of the expulsion in which to notify the     superintendent of his/her appeal. The student has the right to counsel at a hearing before the superintendent. The subject matter of the appeal shall not be limited           solely to a factual determination of whether the student has violated any             provisions of this section.

6.         When a student is expelled under the provisions of this section, no school or          school district within the commonwealth shall be required to admit such student         or to provide educational services to said student. If said student does apply for    admission to another school or school district, the superintendent of the school             district to which the application is made may request and shall receive from the     superintendent of the school expelling said student a written statement of the        reasons for said expulsion.




First Reading: April 23, 2013

Second Reading: May 7, 2013

Adopted: May 7, 2013




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